Brian Banks Movie Prompts Q&A at Mariemont Theater on Innocence Issues

At Pinales Stachler, we are proud to do our part to help educate the public on innocence issues.  We fight every day for our clients, many of whom face a broken court system that fails to care about their innocence.

On August 10th, Pinales Stachler attorney Eric Eckes, along with co-presenter, Ameer Mabjish, conducted a question & answer session at the Mariemont Theater on the causes of wrongful convictions.  Eric was asked to make this presentation in conjunction with the newly released movie, Brian Banks, based on a true story.  “It is clear from the questions asked that the public is very interested in the innocence movement,” said Eric.

The organizers stated that this gathering was very well received and was one of the best Q&A sessions in the history of the theater.  As an attorney who is very passionate about the innocence movement, Eric was honored to be a part of this event