Court TV Legal Analysts – OH v. Richardson

PINALES STACHLER criminal attorneys Marty Pinales and Eric Eckes were contacted by Court TV to serve as legal analysts during the live streaming of the Ohio v. Richardson trial.

In a nutshell, here is what the case was about.  In 2017, at age 18, Brooke Skylar Richardson, a Carlisle High School student, discovered she was pregnant.  It was a surprise and she didn’t tell anyone.  A few days after prom, she gave birth in the middle of the night and buried the baby in her parent’s backyard.

Richardson went back to her OB-GYN a couple months later to get birth control.  After telling her doctor that she delivered a stillborn baby and buried her in the backyard, the doctor contacted authorities.  Richardson was arrested and charged with aggravated murder and involuntary manslaughter, among several other felonies.  She was facing life in prison.

She was found not guilty on charges relating to her newborn daughter’s death; aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment.  However, she was found guilty on the charge of abuse of a corpse.  She was ordered seven days in the county jail, received credited for the seven days she already served, and was ordered three years of basic supervision.

For nearly two decades, Court TV brought high-profile courtroom dramas into American living rooms.  On May 8, 2019, after nearly 11 years off air, Katz Networks gave them a home base again to air gavel-to-gavel coverage of interesting and/or consequential criminal trials.  The network will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Court TV can be steamed on cable, satellite, over-the-air and over-the top.